Thursday, April 12, 2012

Myrtle Beach 2012 - The Beach Saga Continues...

Success!! Wren played in the sand and picked up sea shells for almost an hour!! After a walk on the beach Wednesday morning when she saw kids of all ages playing on the beach she was ready! Actually, she was trying to go get their toys, but that is another story. We got her pail and she started picking up sea shells. We are pretty sure she thought she was "cleaning" the beach. She loved it! She was a tad unsure of actually playing in the sand, but pretty soon she was covered in it! Looking for shells we buried, she would say "where?" She liked watching the waves, but the water is pretty chilly!

A family portrait :-)


                                     A wave caught Abby off guard - the water was a bit cold...

Wren patting the sand down in her bucket.

And of course she had to taste it...

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